Darband Residential

Darband Residential - Project Detail

Client : Shahram Shafiee

Location : Tehran/Iran

Type : Residential

Status : Completed

Area : 270 sqm

Year : 2013

Architects : Elham Mollaakbari Darian

Construction : Amir Khajehamiri

Design Team : Sina zinger/ Reihaneh Mokhtari

Photographer : Parham Tghioff

Darband Residential - Project Description

This residential project with an area of 270 square meters is located as a single unit on the fifth floor of an apartment in Darband-Tehran.

According to the client’s needs, the project has a classic interior design.

Our team joined the project at a brickwork stage, and the first priority for us was to develop the current plan. Therefore, we defined the main topics in the plan first and then the entrance, dressing room & laundry room (due to the lack of this space) were designed.

Finally the kitchen was separated from living room and dining room.

Due to the classic style of the project, the height of the ceilings was designed to be 4 meters.

False ceilings were designed with big surfaces or as small rectangles in order to reduce the clutter and make the space more peaceful.

The focus for the living room’s ceiling was to increase the gloriousness and beauty with the usage of sheet metal fabrication, patina painting and painting.

The fireplace was removed from the lounge, and then the wall was decorated in harmony with the ceiling